15mm Dark Elves

An army of 15mm Dark Elf miniatures based for Hordes of the Things (HOTT).

Scale: 15mm

Painted by Andreas

Stronghold: Dark Elf Monolith



Type Troops Cost
1 Spears General @ 2AP General and Warriors 2
7 Spears @ 2AP Warriors with spears 14
4 Shooters @ 2AP Warriors with crossbows 8

Striking force

1 Hero General @ 4AP Dark elf prince 4
1 Magician @ 4AP Dark elf witch 4
2 Knights @ 2AP Heavy Cavalry 4
4 Riders @ 2AP Fast cavalry with crossbows 8
2 Warband @ 2AP Witch Elves 4


1 Artillery @ 3AP Bolt Thrower 3
1 Sneaker @ 3AP Assasin 3

Notes: All miniatures are from the Demonworld Dark Elves line. The only exception are the witch elves that are from the Demonworld Isthak line (Ice witches). The Stronghold is Scratchbuild with DAS modelling putty,paper and sand.

Unfortunately Demonworld has gone bankrupt and this wonderful line is out of production.
Splintered Light Miniatures Dark Elves is a nice line of miniatures you could use instead.

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  1. tim says:

    Wow! do those ever look cool! Nice work!

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