15mm Dwarves

An army of 15mm Dwarfs miniatures based for Hordes of the Things (HOTT).

Scale: 15mm
Stronghold: Dwarven Fort

Painted by Andreas


Type Troops Cost
1 Blades General@ 2AP Dwarf Command 2
4 Blades @ 2AP Dwarf Warriors 8
2 Warband @ 2AP Dwarf Berserkers 4
2 Shooters @ 4AP Dwarves with Handguns 4
2 Artillery @ 3AP Dwarven Cannons 6

Notes: Most miniatures are from the Pendraken Dwarves range. While these miniatures are classified by Pendraken as 10mm,I find them too big for 10mm and I would rather classify them as small 15mm figures. The miniatures are not as detailed as e.g. Demonworld but full of character and well cast. The cannon are from Alternative Armies but the crew is from Pendraken. The stronghold is scratch made from foam using GW dwarf shields for decoration.

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