15mm Orcs & Goblins

An army of 15mm Orc miniatures based for Hordes of the Things (HOTT).

Scale: 15mm

Painted by Andreas
Stronghold: Orc village


Type Troops Cost
8 Hordes @ 1AP Goblins 8
1 Warband General @ 2AP Orc Boss and bodyguards 2
3 Warband @ 2AP Orcs 6
2 Riders @ 2AP Wolf Riders 4
1 Behemoth @ 4AP Trolls 4


2 Artillery @ 3AP Stone Throwers 6

Notes: All miniatures are from Demonworld apart from the stone throwers that are from the GW Warmaster line. The artillery crew are Goblin spider hunters converted to appear as if they are carrying rocks to be thrown next.

Unfortunately Demonworld has gone bankrupt and this wonderful line of miniatures is out of production but Ral Partha Europe has bought the line and you can once again buy them online.

Nonetheless Splintered Light Miniatures Orcs, and Alternative Armies Orcs are good alternatives.

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