Hordes of the Things armies 10mm – Warmaster miniatures

While 15mm seems to be the most popular scale for Hordes of the Things players, 10mm is an interesting scale to play Hordes of the Things. It allows you to create visually pleasing armies that capture a mass battle effect even on a basic 24AP list.

There is nowhere near the variety of 15mm fantasy miniatures but a decent set of options is available for the Hordes of the Things enthusiast:

Games Workshop’s Warmaster line of 10mm fantasy miniatures is the most varied out there. The level of detail is one of the best you can find in this scale. The ruleset is quite good as well so you might as well give the game a try. Or you go stick to the more cost effective option: using warmaster miniatures to create armies for Hordes of the Things!

I have been toying with the idea of basing 10mm miniatures for HOTT for quite some time as I have a large amount of left overs from my Orcs & Goblins Warmaster army. Miniatures come in strips which is no problem for infantry since 40mm frontage is the norm here as well. Cavalry can be a bit of an issue though since the strips typically have a depth of 40mm instead. In some cases individual miniatures can be separated in other cases this is a challenge. No problem though, 30mm depth is the minimum allowed by HOTT rules not the only “correct” depth.

Bellow are some sample 24AP army lists for HOTT using Warmaster miniatures. I have also calculated the number of blisters one would need. I tried to keep the price down without getting carried away and selecting all the wonderful miniatures of each range.
Having said that, some of the army lists could have been cheaper by using less troop types but i wanted to use a reasonable variety for each army list. Some lists will leave some left over miniatures that can be used as alternatives.

For infantry I am assuming we would be using 2 strips of warmaster miniatures for 15mm or 20mm depth sized bases, while for 30mm-40mm bases I am assuming 2-3 strips would be used.


1 Sneaker 3AP – 1 x Skaven Rat Swarm
1 Artillery 3AP – 1 x Warp Lightning Cannon
1 Behemoth 4AP – 1 x Skaven Doom Wheel
8 Hordes 8AP – 4 x Skaven Clanrats
3 Shooters 6AP – 1 x Skaven Jezzails

1 Aerial Hero 6AP – 1 x High Elf Hero on Dragon
1 Wizard 4AP – 1 x High Elf Characters
3 Blades 6AP – 1 x Sword Masters of Hoeth
3 Shooters 6AP – 1 x High Elf Archers
1 Knights 2AP – 1 x High Elf Silver Helms

1 God 4AP 1 x Daemon of Khorne
1 Magician 4AP 1 x Sorcerors
1 Behemoth 4AP 1 x Dragon Ogres
3 Blades 6AP 1 x Chaos Warriors
2 Riders 4AP 1 x Marauder Horsemen
1 x  Beasts 2AP 1 x Chaos Hounds


1 Magician 4AP – 1 x Undead Characters
2 Shooters 4AP – 1 x Undead Skeleton Bowmen
6 Hordes 6AP – 3 x Undead Skeletons
3 Knights 6AP – 2 x Undead Chariots
2 Flyers 4AP – 1 x Undead Carrion

I would suggest using all of the miniatures of the bowmen blister for those 2 units of skeleton archers. Instead of making 3 bases of 2 strips make 2 but with 3 strips each. Undead bowmen are not supposed to be very effective (e.g. as their high elf colleagues) and would rely in their numbers. Placing a lot more miniatures than in a shooter unit of a more agile race would bring the right balance.

4 Spears @ 2AP 8AP – 2 x Dark Elf Spearmen
2 Shooters @ 2AP 4AP – 1 x Dark Elf Crossbowmen
2 Artillery @ 3AP 6AP – 2 x Dark Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower
3 Riders @ 2AP 6AP – 1 x Dark Elf Dark Riders


5 Blades @ 2AP 10AP -2 x Dwarf Warriors
2 Artillery @ 3AP 6AP -2 x Dwarf Cannon
1 Cleric @3AP 3AP -1 x Dwarf Anvil of Doom
1 Lurker s@1AP 1AP -1 x Dwarf Rangers
2 Shooters@ 2AP 4AP -1 x Dwarf Thunderers

But there is more to 10mm than Warmaster:

2 superb manufacturers with comparable quality to GW are: Eureka that offer 10mm Chaos Dwarves, Wood Elves, Beastmen etc and Copplestone Castings with their fine looking 10mm LoTR line.

If you want a cheaper alternative have a look at Kallistra‘s range of 10mm Fantasy miniatures. Kallistra’s figures are a bit on the large side and thus not compatible with GW Warmaster minis but as long as you dont mix them you can build very nice looking armies. Very similar are Pendraken’s 10mm fantasy miniatures (actually some of those are exactly the same sculpts).

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  1. Geia sas paidia. Foberes mini. Na rotiso kati? To club yparxei akoma? Pote synantiestai kai pou. Ego kai enas filos skefotmaste na ksekinisoume warmaster (kai gaiti oxi HOTT). Ego eimai monima eksoteriko alla autos Athina. Pos boroume na erthoume se epafi mazi sas?

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