HOTT Battle report – Wood Elves vs Dwarves

Here is a short write up of a Hordes of the Things game between the Elves of the Forest and the Imperial Dwarves:

Has been a long time without wargaming so last night we gathered at my place to remember the old days and play a Hordes of the Things battle.

HOTT battle elfs vs dwarves

Simple 24AP game of HOTT with 15mm miniatures and minimal terrain.
Main objective being to refresh the rules in our heads.

I got the elves of the forest, Marios got the dwarfs.

Here are the initial setups:


2 x dwarfs with handguns (Shooters)
2 x dwarfs gone mad (Warbands)
2 x mighty Cannons (Artillery)
1 x clan lead (Blades general)
4 x clan warriors (Blades)

Elves of the forest

1 Ent (behemoth)
1 elf hero on giant eagle (aerial hero)
2 brown bears (beasts)
4 archers (shooters)
1 archers lead (shooters general)

Terrain was balanced – 2 hills and a forest in the middle of the tabletop.

Dwarfs were the defenders and chose to place their stronghold on the left side of the table.
The cannons were placed strategically to scare off the Ent and the Elf hero on the giant eagle.

The elves on the other hand sent out the bears and a unit of archers to race for the small forest and secure the middle.
The dwarf hand-gunners were also eager to secure this strategic location and wild fighting erupted in the thick forest.
The elven aerial hero rapidly changed flank as their general decided to push for the dwarven stronghold.

The dwarfs got a head-start in the woods by destroying one unit of bears but the elves managed to hold their ground with difficulty.
On the right flank the huge charge of the ent, supported by the aerial hero and a strong force of archers managed to destroy 2 units of bezerk dwars that had been crazy enough to stand against an obviously stronger force.

The road to the dwarven stronghold looked open but the dwarves were not ready for a white flag.
They took their revenge in the forest and took complete control of it while the cannon draw a fatal blow to the Ent.

Both sides had suffered heavy losses by now (11AP for the dwarfs vs 10AP for the elves)

The Dwarf general and his loyal followers rushed for the flank to save it from the small elven force that was threatening it.
But it was too late as they were delayed by a small force of elven archers and the aerial hero.

The end was approaching when the elven hero attacked the strongold with the support of the unit of elves that by now has reached the other side of the table.

A good dice roll came for the elves and the game was over.

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  1. Sotiris says:

    What kind of bs is that? ho ho just joking lads, lets the -old- good times roll again

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