Blood Bowl Lizardmen

Our group’s newest member Nikos S. has finished painting his first bloodbowl team (Lizardmen)

The basic Blood Bowl Lizardmen  roster (Lustrian Cobras) from games workshop consists of four Saurus and eight Skinks. To that Nikos has added a kroxigor for some extra muscle!

Lizardmen are a very interesting team to play with and against. Half of their team is very tough but lacks the agility. On the other hand the other half is fast and agile but extremely fragile. A strategy that utilizes those complementing forces in harmony can be extremely effective. Failure to do so will lead to humiliating defeats!

As you can see Nikos went for a simple but effective colour scheme very close to the GW examples.

The pictures are absolutely stunning even if you forget the fact that this is Nikos’ first attempt in painting miniatures!

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