15mm Greek War of Independence HOTT army

A Hordes of the Things army with a 1821 Greek war of independence theme.

Scale: 15mm

Painted by Andreas

Status: work in progress

Type Troops Cost
1 Hero General@ 4AP Kolokotronis 4
4 Warband @ 2AP Guerrila warriors (Kleftes) 8
1 Paladin @ 4AP Lord Byron and other Philhellenes 4
1 Sneaker @ 3AP Cretan palikars 3
1 Priest @ 3AP Patras Archbishop and the banner of the revolution 3
2 Spears @ 2AP Early Greek regular army 4

Army is still work in progress.

Most miniatures by Spyros Koumousis. Dedicated to his living memory.
Philhellenes by Essex miniatures (just using some simple early 19th century western European figures) .

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