Blood bowl teams

Blood bowl fantasy football from Games Workshop has hit our gaming club by storm and got us back to the hobby. At the moment most of us are busy collecting and painting at least one team.

Andreas got the Orcs team that came with the boxed set. With half of the players ready he is keeping an eye on the transfer market for a Troll and some goblin star players.

Nikos S. painted a Lizardmen blood bowl team which impressed us all as it was his first ever wargaming project.

Leo has undercoated his Dark Elves squad and his pilot model looks promising!

Marios assembled a fine collection of Chaos players using regular warhammer miniatures and discovered that figures painting is not that hard after all! Especially the minotaur model is very impressive and we will soon share pictures.

It also seems we got Sotiris interested in the game after a superb demo game between the Orcland Raiders and the Chaos team. Seems he will be entering the championship with the Wood Elves soon!

With the projects well underway the coaches are preparing for a bloodbowl league. Some people are already thinking of expanding their collection. Nikos S. already ordered the Amazing Amazons, Marios might pickup the humans team from the boxed set as his followup painting project while Andreas is frequently checking out the websites of neomics, impact miniatures and heresy for ideas based on alternative miniatures. What could be next? maybe a skaven or a high elves team?

We are always looking for more opponents so if you are a bloodbowl player based out of Athens give us a shout! We will also be sponsoring demo matches for friends. Blood bowl is a fun game that is easy to introduce even to people not (yet) into wargames.

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  1. Ignii says:

    Geia sas paidia!

    Brnka to web page saa apo to web tou Esparios. Den kserw pou eisaste sthn Athnva alla kai egw paizw BB kai kamia fora exw paei sto espairo gia match. An thelete kamia mera na paiksoume na sas afisw to mail mail mou, ok?

    Tha ta poume!

    fwtografies edw…

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