Miniature Mentor painting video tutorials

This weekend I treated myself with a monthly subscription to

This is a web site that provides video tutorials about miniature painting and sculpting from some of the top painters and sculptors (people that have collaborated with Rakham, GW and the likes).

You can either get individual videos for 20$-30$ each or go for a 70$ monthly subscription and download them all (which is what I am doing)!

So far I have downloaded the following titles:

Complete Guide to Miniature Painting

Golden Demon winner Laurent Esposito walks you through the painting of a complete model, starting with the base coating, using multiple layers of paint for shadowing and highlighting and demonstrating techniques like non metallic metals.

– Advanced Tutorials

This video also featuring Laurent, goes into more detail but basically covers a lot of the same ground as the above. If I would get one DVD from the series that would probably be it. It comes in 4 parts: white cloth, black cloth, skin, Non Metallic metals (NMM). I loved the skin painting tutorial and how various colours are used to liven up the miniature face. White cloth also touches a challenging topic – how to paint large areas of white fabric with smooth shadows etc

– Weathering techniques

This will be very useful for my Dystopian Wars miniatures! It demonstrates some very cool tricks on creating realistic effects of rust and damage on sci fi vehicles. This guy makes it look so easy!

Overall from what I ve seen I am impressed and looking forward to download the rest of the series. I got inspired to paint some more 28mm miniatures (where these techniques have more application) even if my passion still lies with 15mm and 10mm!

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