Warlordgames paintstation review

I recently purchased a paintstation from warlordgames.co.uk to

i) help me organize my painting corner which is usually a mess full of half painted miniatures, paints, modeling knifes etc

ii) enable me to move my hobby around inside the house for those painting sessions in the living room while my significant other is watching the telly. Much better than locking myself in the study room…

I have ordered the small version (laptop paintstation) that fits nicely on my laptop computer desk. To put my paints in order I accompanied it with the small pots rack holder with the water holder.

For those that have never heard of it, warlordgames’ paintstation is a portable worksurface aimed at miniature painters. The concept is not new. In fact GW has also released a couple of paintstation versions in the past.

The warlordgames one, comes unasembled and what you get is a set of laser cut MDF pieces:


Assembly is a piece of cake and it took me less than 5 minutes. The pieces join very  tightly to each other (I was a bit scared I would damage the MDF pieces while pushing the parts together on the joins) and I have not (yet) used PVA glue to keep them together. It seems like this is not really needed under normal circumstances (where you dont throw the paintstation in the air in the middle of a unsuccessful 97th painting layer). I might still go ahead and add that later especially for the paint holder that is not “plugged” to the main body of the paintstation and  will just slide if you are not carefull. For the time being I have used some blu tac to reduce that risk.

and here is the paintstation in all its glory:


Since the material is not plastic, I am a bit concerned as to how the MDF would react in case water or lots of paint gets spilled on it. Will it crack or bend? I plan to follow the advice on the warlordgames forums and varnish the pieces and reassemble adding PVA glue this time.

In general it does not feel as robust as the plastic GW version (but of course this is probably stable enough).

And having said that this is a modular solution where paint holding racks can be stacked together to fit your whole paint pots collection.

Compared with potential DIY attempts this is much neater than anything I could build my self and it only takes 5 minutes to asemble!

Overall I am very pleased with the purchase and looking forward to putting it to test in actual painting sessions.






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