High Elf Warmaster without GW miniatures

Warmaster is a great ruleset for large scale fantasy battles. As such, the fact that GW has stopped producing 10mm miniatures shouldn’t  stop existing or new fans from playing the game. And even with ebay prices getting out of control (especially for the more exotic races of the game) there are many providers of 10mm fantasy and historical miniatures to help you collect your new warmaster army.

Below we try to list the options available for the High elves based on the warmaster troop types. (In parenthesis the product code.)

High Elf Spearmen
Kallistra High Elf Spears (401)
Eureka High Elf Reavers with axes (400FAN22)
Eureka Warspite Elves with spears (400FAN23)
Eureka Elf Warriors (400FAN08) – Wood elf alternative
Magister Militum Elven Armoured Swordsmen (FEF004)

High elf Archers
Kallistra High Elf Archers (402)
Eureka Elf Archers (400FAN07) – Wood elf alternative
Magister Militum Armoured Elven Archers (FEF003)

Silver Helms
Kallistra High Elf Cavalry (404)
Magister Militum Elven Lancers (FEF005)

Reavers Cavalry
Eureka Elves mounted on stags (400FAN24) – Wood elf alternative
Magister Militum Elven Horse Archers (FEF006)

High elf Chariots
Kallistra High Elf Chariots (405)

Giant Eagles
Eureka Eagles (400FAN12)
Kallistra Giant Eagles (AC2)
Pendraken FE9

Dragon Rider
Games Workshop Young Dragon – not sure about size compatibility and comes without a rider obviously
Eureka 18mm Dragon (300CRE01) – not sure about size compatibility

Elven Bolt Thrower
Kallistra High Elf Bolt Shooters (403)

High elf General
Kallistra High Elf Command (406)

Kallistra High Elf Command (406)

Kallistra High Elf Command (406) – I am just guessing it might include a wizard – not sure
Eureka Woodland Creatures (400FAN19) – Wood elfish: Includes Orion and a female on unicorn

Giant Eagle (mount for hero)
Eureka Elves mounted on falcons (400FAN25)
Pendraken FE9 – mount not included
Eureka Eagles (400FAN12) – mount not included
Kallistra Giant Eagles (AC2) – mount not included

Games Workshop Young Dragon
Kallistra AC4 Flying Dragons (AC4) – Comment: not monstrous enough

High Elf Chariot (as a mount for a character)
Kallistra High Elf Chariots (405)

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