Lizardmen warmaster without GW miniatures

Warmaster is a great ruleset for large scale fantasy battles. As such, the fact that GW has stopped producing 10mm miniatures shouldn’t stop existing or new fans from playing the game. And even with ebay prices getting out of control (especially for the more exotic races of the game) there are many providers of 10mm fantasy and historical miniatures to help you collect your new warmaster army.

Below we try to list some of the the options available for the Lizardmen army based on the warmaster troop types.

Pendraken FTL6 Newtmen with sword
Pendraken FTL7 Newtmen with spear
Pendraken FTL8 Newtmen with bow
Pendraken FTL9 Newtmen with javelin
Pendraken FTL12 Newtmen command
Microworld 6mm Lizardmen

Pendraken FL1 with sword
Pendraken FL2 with spear

Temple Guards
Pendraken FTL1 with sword
Pendraken FTL5 Command

Magister Militum 10mm DIN043 pack of five Velociraptors
Magister Militum 10mm DIN133 Sinornithosaurus
Pendraken FL7 – Pet dinosaurs – [pics]

Magister Militum 15mm BDL002 Lizardmen Palace Guard

Cold one riders
Pendraken FTL10 – Raptor rider with spear
Pendraken FL6 – Lizard riders – personal opinion: the Tribal Raptor riders above look better

Pendraken FTL11 Flyer
Pendraken FL9 Flying Dinosaur
Magister Militum 10mm DIN118 Hatzegopteryx – flying pose

Pendraken FL11 Giant Tortoise
Magister Militum 10mm Jurassic Dinosaurs – not sure which one is the best size-wise

Pendraken FTL5 Command
Pendraken FTL17 Hero
Pendraken FTL16 Command, pose 2

Pendraken FL5 wizards

Carnosaur (mount)
Pendraken AC11 – Assorted dinosaurs – haven’t seen pictures… just guessing here
Magister Militum 10mm Jurassic Dinosaurs – not sure which one is the best size-wise

Slann Mage Palanquin
haven’t found anything yet

– Pendraken has 2 ranges – Lizarmen and Tribal Lizardmen. Based on the pictures on Pendraken’s forum, it seems the tribal lizardmen are larger in size so I classified those as Temple Guards (elite)
– Newtmen seem a bit smaller so I classified them as skins

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