Undead Warmaster without GW miniatures

Warmaster is a great ruleset for large scale fantasy battles. As such, the fact that GW has stopped producing 10mm miniatures shouldn’t stop existing or new fans from playing the game. And even with ebay prices getting out of control (especially for the more exotic races of the game) there are many providers of 10mm fantasy and historical miniatures to help you collect your new warmaster army.

Below we try to list some of the the options available for the Undead army based on the warmaster troop types.

Kallistra Skeleton Warriors (301)
Magister Militum Skeletons with Hand Weapons (FSK001)
Magister Militum Skeletons with Spears (FSK002)

Skeleton Bowmen
Kallistra Skeleton Archers (303)

Skeleton Cavalry
Kallistra Skeleton Cavalry 302

Skeleton Chariots
Kallistra Skeleton Chariots (305)

Kallistra Giant Vultures (306)

Bone Giant
Wargods of Aegyptus Tomb Queen Crypt Lord (WGE-129)
Kallistra Zombie Giants (310) – not yet released
Microworld Skeletal mammoth (6mm but perhaps the right size?)
Microworld Bone Giant (6mm but perhaps the right size?)

Wargods of Aegyptus Undead Sphinx (WGE-704)

Skull Chukka
Kallistra Skeleton Ballistae (304)

Bone Thrower
Haven’t found something yet.
You could use any bolt thrower out there and replace its crew with skeletons
Kallistra Dark Elf Bolt Throwers (703)

Tomb King General
Kallistra Undead Command (309)

Liche Priest Wizard
Kallistra Undead Command (309)

Zombie Dragon Mount
Microworld Bone Dragon (6mm but could be the right size?)
15mm.co.uk Jabberwock This would be awesome but it might be a bit too large? Looks like it would fit on a warmaster base.

Liche Chariot Mount
Kallistra Skeleton Chariots (305)

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  1. Blake Radetsky says:

    Very cool lists and thank you for doing it. Have you seen Pendraken’s FEY3 Pharoah’s Undead Tomb Guard? They could work for the Undead Tomb Kings army.

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