Warmaster Miniatures in the post-GW era

With GW pulling the plug on the production of the Specialist Games there is certain demand on alternative 10mm fantasy miniatures. Ebay can help but prices are going up and it is hard to order exactly the blisters you might want to build your army. And certain lines are rarer than others.

But it is still quite feasible to compile a warmaster army from alternative providers of 10mm fantasy miniatures.

There is a lot more option if you look into historical miniatures to recreate Empire, Brettonians, Kislev and Araby armies by the way.

I have prepared detailed mappings for specific warmaster army lists:

High Elves
Orcs & Goblins
Undead Tomb Kings
Vampire Counts
Wood Elves

It would be really interesting if some of the companies listed below would start filling the gap in the market by expanding their range.
Ideally they would get in touch and split the races between them so as to minimise duplicate effort.
And certainly the community should support Kickstarter projects or Eureka’s 300 club (where people can request custom miniatures to be produced as long as there is enough demand for them). I am hoping there are enough players out there that want to keep the game alive which would give those companies some meaningful business.

Eureka miniatures
Very high quality figures.

They have a fantasy line that covers Beastmen and Elves and for non-standard army lists they also have great lines for Wood elves and Chaos Dwarves:

Magister Militum

A couple of interesting lines here:

– Fantasy line that covers dwarves (very limited), elves, orcs and undead (limited)
– Medieval line that is interesting for Brettonians, Araby and Empire


A great variety of fantasy miniatures. Nowhere near as detailed as GW or Eureka for example but full of character.
The ones I ve seen (rats and dwarves) are really large for 10mm.
Still one of the largest ranges out there.


very similar to Pendraken – certain figures surely come from the same sculptor
A difference from Pendraken is that those are cast in strips of figures similar to what GW was doing.

Irregular Miniatures

Irregular Miniatures also has a 10mm line which to be frank does not look that great in the few pictures they have on their web site.

Copplestone Castings

They have a small range of 10mm miniatures (Lord of the rings inspired – humans and Orcs). Quality looks comparable to GW.



These are 15mm miniatures, but some of their monsters (e.g. dragons) can fit on warmaster bases. Great miniatures in any case…
Demonworld miniatures have been resurrected by Ral Partha Europe after the original company went bankcrupt:

Historical miniatures
No fantasy ranges here, but a great sources for human armies:

OldGlory – UK
OldGlory – US

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2 Responses to Warmaster Miniatures in the post-GW era

  1. Ted says:

    Don’t forget about Old Glory Miniatures (http://www.oldgloryminiatures.com/categories.asp?cat=10). They have an extensive range of historical minis that can be used for human armies.

    • athens-fantasy says:

      Thanks! I have updated the post and included an initial list of 10mm historical miniatures manufacturers.

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