Wood Elves warmaster without GW miniatures

Warmaster is a great ruleset for large scale fantasy battles. As such, the fact that GW has stopped producing 10mm miniatures shouldn’t stop existing or new fans from playing the game. And even with ebay prices getting out of control (especially for the more exotic races of the game) there are many providers of 10mm fantasy and historical miniatures to help you collect your new warmaster army.

Below we try to list some of the the options available for the Wood Elves army based on the warmaster troop types of the trial army lists.

We are basing the army on Eureka’s great 10mm fantasy miniatures line.
some of the offered miniature packs include a variety of figures that can be split so that they can be used for a variety of warmaster troop types. For this reason I have numbered the different poses in the pictures I copied from Eureka’s web site:
Glade Guard
[Eureka 400FAN07] figures 2,6,7
[Eureka 400FAN07] figures 1,6
Eternal Guard (infantry)
[Eureka 400FAN08] figures 1,6,8
[Eureka 400FAN08] figures 2,7
Glade Riders
[Eureka 400FAN24] figures 1,5
Wild Riders
[Eureka 400FAN24] figures 2,3,4
Warhawk riders
[Eureka 400FAN24] Elves mounted on falcons
[Eureka 400FAN18] Wood trolls
[Eureka 400FAN19] Woodland Creatures (includes 15 Wood Hags)
Orion figure from [Eureka 400FAN19] woodland creatures pack
Spell Weaver
Unicorn riding Sorceress figure from [Eureka 400FAN19] woodland creatures pack
Champion figure from [Eureka 400FAN07], [Eureka 400FAN08]. [Eureka 400FAN24]
Forest Dragon 
Some suitably sized 15mm dragon (e.g. Demonworld)
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